What We Do

Political Consulting

We offer our clients comprehensive political consulting. We have decades of experience with campaigns at the local, state, and federal level. Whether you are campaigning for the very first time or for re-election, we can help design a strategic plan that will enable you to run an effective winning campaign.

Public Relations

Whether you are in need of a public relations strategy to move your organization ahead, or a government relations strategy to move your ideas ahead, we can give it the MOMENTUM it needs to succeed. We can work with government leaders, get you positive earned media, and help with issue advocacy to get you the attention you deserve.


Want to know what people are thinking? We offer the most accurate polling in the country. Whether you need to know a lot of information, or just which candidate is leading, our data will give you the information you need to make the right decisions. Our techniques incorporate both automated and live calls. If you need a fast, affordable and accurate poll, look no further.

Media Production

Whether it is television, radio, or print, our creative team can produce ads that get noticed at an affordable price. It is harder than ever nowadays to stand out and get noticed. If you need a print ad, radio spot, a website or YouTube video, or a television commercial, our production team is ready to travel anywhere. Whatever your product may be, it can benefit from MOMENTUM.

Media Buying

Our media buyers are the most experienced in the country. Our effective buying strategies will give you the opportunity to maximize your advertising dollars. Whether you are looking at a national, regional, statewide, or local campaign, we can help devise a plan that will be tailored to your exact needs and budget.

Direct Mail

We can create, write and design direct mail that will get results. This is a very cost-effective way to reach your audience and our team can help put together a creative mail plan that fits your budget and makes you stand out from all the clutter. A targeted mail plan can also work well as a part of a comprehensive advertising or branding strategy.

Social Media

Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn or all the others, we can create sleek and effective social media campaigns that allow you to tap in the full potential of these marketing methods. If used correctly, it’s a very cost-effective tool to have in your arsenal.

Web Development

We develop first-class websites that will showcase you and your organization and ensure that your website is the “best window to the world” possible. We’ll help you to stand out and get noticed in a world of mediocrity.

Grassroots Organization

In a time when campaigns are dominated by big media, those who wish to be successful should not overlook the importance rallying people to your side. While times and techniques may change, there is still no replacement for the power and passion of people as the grassroots united in one cause.


Every successful campaign needs the right amount of financial resources to be competitive. Our fundraising professionals can help you maximize your natural fundraising base while helping you reach out to new prospects and get your piece of an ever-shrinking pie. Money doesn’t always guarantee success, but it sure helps.

Get Momentum.